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USPS 2015 Promotion Calendar Update

The Postal Service has released that it will delay the start of its 2015 promotions from April to May.     In an e-mail release to mailers, the Postal Service stated that the change in its proposed promotions start date was due to the possibility of a price change that could take place on April 26, 2015.

The Postal Service further explained that a price change has neither been filed nor approved.   However, price changes and promotions are usually filed together, and if a price change is implemented in late April promotions would need to start after that date.

The promotional period length remains the same:

  • Earned Value promotion period is May 1 - July 31
  • Emerging and Advanced promotion period is May 1 - October 31

The two remaining promotions remain unchanged.

The USPS 2015 promotions are still in a proposed state and will need approval by the USPS Board of Governors and Postal Regulatory Commission prior to becoming final.

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